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We specialise in applied research and development for sustainable technologies, which provide clever solutions for solving real-world problems. We provide companies with a competitive edge, by optimzing the technologie that they rely upon for doing business effectively.

When you are looking for creativity and pragmatic thinking to stay ahead you can contact Practical Solution. Practical Solution is good at finding simple solutions for a wide divercity of technical problems.

Would you like to receive tips or technical advise to optimize your products or processes or getting extra  customers and additional work. We find simple cheap and cost effective solutions. Do you want to think about new concepts . Practical Solution can help you. Practical Solution can guide you through the optimisation of steel structures. We can overcome strength problems just with a small redesign.

Practical Solution can create very practical solutions for example rubber inflatable bags to lower the water usage of locks. A major engineering company is now busy with bringing this idea into practice.

Due to a different approach of Practical Solution you will receive good workable solutions that others overlook, and that will convice your customer due to its simplicity and convincing working principles. Do you want to know why something breaks down or collapses due to wrong product design?

Through the study Aerospace engineering, Practical Solution knows a lot about constructional strength of steel or aluminum structures. Do you need to lower peak stresses in structures? Due to its other approach Practical Solution can give you very simple effective solutions. Often a too high stress is overcome to make a plate thicker and make welds more heavy. But lowering a plate thickness can also be a solution due to the fact that a stress redistribution will take place. This redistribution lowers peak stresses. More you can read here on the second link.

Practical Solution is due to its out of the box approach and wide interests and pragmatic thinking very good in finding new concepts for a variety of technical challenges. Also that fall outside the actual knowledge field. For example; Practical Solution found out a flexible propulsion system for ships which MARIN was very enthusiastic about it. Other practical solutions outside the field of Practical Solution can be found here.

During my graduation  the head professor of the department told me he could not understand why nobody did found out my concpet before. The concept was so logical, simple, and good working. Although you will have very smart employees Practical Solution will find a more convincing, less complex and cheaper to build and safer to handle solution. With this you can also convince your customer. Practical Solution has allready solved a lot of technical problems others could not solve. Here you can read more.

Practical Solution can advice you on a no cure no pay basis. If the solution we find will be followed you can pay me out of the savings. Due to very practical insights Practical Solution sees problems others overlook. By seeing those problems in advance the design can be optimised to overcome these later problems.

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