extinguish big fires with a kevlar blanket

In 2011 a big fire took place at Chemiepack in Moerdijk. This was a big chemical plant that was ruined after the fire. In the summer of 2010 we lost a big ship in Amsterdam due to a fire that was impossible to stop. The last summers we were having more problems with drought. Especially in nature reservations. What can we do to control these big fires more quickly minimising economic and ecological damage. 

Allready 5 years ago PracticalSolution was thinking of a solution for big uncontrollable fires. The solution is based on a light tightly braided kevlar fabric. This yellow fibre is very fire resistant and light weighted. Whem we make a very big blanket of this material we can use two helocopters to place the blanket over a fire place. This will reduce the ammount of oxigene available for the fire. Also the spread of pullution ( the fire fighters tried to extuingish the fire at the chemical plant with water) will be much less using a big blanket. More important is that the fire will be under control much faster. 

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