The Maconda oil disater in the Gulf of Mexico

During the oil disater Practical Solution thought of stopping this disaster and send some solutions to the USA. One of the given solutions you see here.

The solution consists of two half pipes connected by a hinge. This construction can be placed over the flange still connected to the BOP. There were possibilities with unstability of the well. That is why it was not allowed just to close the leakage. Then a unprofitable pressure rise could occur unstabelising everything. That is why the valve in the middle of the drawing is in open position when the construction is placed. This will also make placing more easy. The oil flow will try to push the construction away from the BOP. When the construction is placed and suction pipes are connected to the side pipes and are on the middle valve can be closed.

To prevent a next disaster from happening Practical Solution also thought of a fail safe solution to close a well. This fail safe concept “the safetyball” can be seen here. More explanation about the concept can be read here

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