Way of approach werkwijze

Practical Solution offers companies support during development of a new product- construction or production process.  Payment can be done in different ways. You can pay me for the worked hours but you can also pay me out of the realised savings or extra market share. It is dependable upon the assignement you give me.

Practical Solution would like to give you  a handle and direction to come to the optimal design for your customer at minimum costs. Your customer will get a reliable and easy to operate product without any practical irritation or hinder.

If necessary we will sign a declaration of confidentiality. You only have to send some technical information and constraints. With this information Practical Solution will give you concepts to solve your technical challenges.

Let me mention some cost reducing factors that your company did not think of and count your savings and extra profit. I can do this on a “no cure no pay” basis. I will get any deficiency out of your design. Even the ones you did not think of yet. This will solve problems before you start with the job.

Due to the fact that Practical Solution can identify itself very fast without much informtion the solution can come to you in short notice.

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