The other approach

Due to my practical insights (from my childhood i have been busy making things) and broad knowledge i approach a problem in a different way. Due to this i find solutions others overlook. Due to my simple but logically working brains the solutions are very simple and easy to implement.

During my thesis i improved the rubber press. I found out a new concept which reduced the needed forming powers with a factor of 50. The head professor of the department told me that he did not understand why somebody else did not find this simple and effective solution before me. The concept was so simple and effective.   

A customer of a firm i was working for wanted an explosion calculation of a big blastwall with integrated sliding door. When i was asked to solve this problem i send a phylosophical story about energy absobtion. Client accepted my story while the 50 pages of calculations my predecessor made were not accepted. Here you can read more. I also had to convince English construction firms often due to a design change our company suggested. This was never a problem.

To bring maintenance personal to an Off Shore windmill the Ampelmann was invented. This system makes it possible to place persons in heavy seas on a not moving platform. I thought of a more simple solution. This is the floating ladder. This ladder is connected to a platform. This ladder has a big floating structure attached to the end. Due to this the ladder wants to move up and down along with the waves. The maintenance personal arriving by boat feel the same waves. This is a totally different approacht to safely place maintenance personel on non moving platforms at high seas. For more information you can click here.

Practical Solution read about a company that was delivering coated steel profiles for roofs. This company delivered steel plates with a shiny top coating. People living opposite of this building got problems with sunlight reflections. The company solved this problem by sanding all panels and painting them with  non reflecting coating. I contacted this firm about my solution. I was thinking of a fertiliser to makes the roof less shining. The company was very glad with this simple and according to them effective and cheap solution. Here you can read more.

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