Solutions others overlook

Due to its special approach Practical Solution can find solutions to apply. This makes the solution very effective and cheap. Others come to very complex solutions to solve the same problem. So Practical Solution can give you solutions your customer will convince to do the deal with you.

This creative and other approach became obvious during his graduation when he had to improve the rubber press. The department professor said he did not understand why no one before me though of this idea. It was so simple and very functional. You can read more on the page “Disciplines” / Improving the rubber press.

When Practical Solution heard of problems with waves and the delivery of maintenance personnel at Off Shore Platforms, the concept of floating ladder was invented. This is a sliding ladder attached to the support structure of an Off shore windmill. The lowest part of the ladder is connected to a floater. This floater will move the ladder with the waves. The movement of the ladder must be the same as the movement of the ships bringing the maintenance people due to the waves. For solving this problem also the Ampelmann was invented. This is a very complex machine. Read more about this here.

You see a simple solution thought of by Practical Solution.

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