Prevent forming of ridges on roads near piled constructions

To let water pass through a dike boards have layed a lot of divers in dikes. These divers are concrete constructions to transport water from one ditch to the other. Due to its weight these constructions are supported by piles. Oft these divers are layed in a dike where also a road is present. This road will subsidence into the ground. Due to the piles the diver will not subsidence. Due to this difference ridges are from near the transition of diver to non piled road. These ridges will cause cracks in houses when lorries drive by. The decline in value of houses can be overcome.

A solution can be placing a degenerating product under the road that is positioned above the diver. The degenerating products should generate at the same rate the dike is settling. Another solution is placing an inflatable bag under the road above the placed diver. You empty part of its contents when the road next to the diver is settling.  A drawing of this concept can be seen here after making an agreement with a firm.

You can also place tension measurements in the asphalt. When the road on both sides of the diver settles the tension raises. Above a tension value a valve can be automatically opened releasing part of the content of the bag. this reduces or overcomes the forming of ridges. Also the problem of roots of trees in combination with a cycling path can be overcome with this concept.

One problem still has to be solved. When the frontwheels of a lorry are above the side of the bag the content of the bag will flow away not supporting the asphalt above it. Due to this a stress distribution plate must be added. The solution is placing a reinforced plate of concrete above the bag. This plate will spread the weight over a wider area.

Also trians and there passengers have bother from this effect. Train tracks consist of a lot of piled constructions where they drive over. Most of the track is not on a piled construction. At the transitions the construction of the trian is highly loaded. Also comfort of the passengers is negatively influenced by these transitions. By shaping the bag in such a way (making pockets and valves in it) and filling it with a special fluid will ovecome all above mentioned objections raising comfort for the passengers and reducing maintenance costs.

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