Reducing flooding damage

Making your house watertight can be done quickly.

I invented a way to reduce damage of flooding to zero. It is simple effective and easy and fast to install. Only a small aluminium profile (dimensions 20×20 mm) has to be placed around your doors or on the concrete foundation of your house. With this system that you have to invest one time you can prevent waterdamage in your house for 50 years.

Damage to the interior of houses due to heavy rainfall can be prevented. If your house is placed on a concrete foundation your house can be closed for water 100% in 30 minutes. You only need a closer for the drainsystem. Then you can make your house watertight. It is an easy almost not visible system. A plastic sail with floating device will be placed around your house when damage might happen. A small aluminium profile is needed to place around your house. Wjth this system the sail is pressed into the alumninium profile making a watertight connection.

When you are interested you can send me an Email.

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