reducing adhesive forces for in the ground hammered elements

On Discovery channel i saw a program about Norwegian hikers getting stuck in quick sand near a Norwegian fjord. The suction of the quick sand was so hugh that they needed a tool to overcome the suction forces. The solution was a hollow steel pipe with holes in it. These pipes were placed around a person getting stuck in the sand. Through the holes air was added by a compressor. The air reduced the adhesive force of the quick sand making it much easier to safe people ou of ht equick sand. 

When i saw this solution i at once was thinking of another application for this tool. The other application can be the removal of old wooden piles. Suction will make it very difficult to remove these piles. With adding air the suction force can be lowered. Also with hammering in piles adhesive reduction is very usefull.

This solution can also be used to place vertical walls for a basement. The walls are pressed in the ground when adhesive forces get too high. Adding air and waterjets on the bottom of these walls will make it possible to place these walls without pressing equipment. Also forces on the walls will lower.

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