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Due to a combination of practical insights, a wide theoretical knowlegde and an open mind Practical Solution can oft find surprisingly simple solutions for a wide variety of practical technical problems. Practical Solution has a kind of “fingerspitzengefuhl” that leads him to simple solutions also out of his knowledge range.

Underneath you can find some examples of my other approach.

Optimising the in rubber press used in aerospace industry.
The Ampelmann was invented to move maintenance personel safely from a ship to a non floating platform like a windturbine. This can also be done with a floating ladder. More you can read here.
Getting more heat out of the chimney pipe by making holes in the cover and still meeting fire regulations due to an inventive fail safe safety system excepted by the fire department.

The transfer of containers from a ship to trains or trucks takes a lot of time. That is why a water transport system was invented (Dutch written article). Practical Solution at once thought of a much cheaper and more effective and flexible construction for raising the speed emptying a container vessel. More you can read here.

Piled constructions layed in dikes with roads can cause serious bumps on the asphalt. This cause damage to houses placed in the neighbourhood of these bumps. The solution is a rubber bag that can be filled with liquid or air. By letting air out of the bag the asphalt above the piled constrcution can lower adjusting its level to the sagging dike.

By small adjustments on the shape of fans of wind turbines or tidal turbines much more energy can be gained from the air or water flow. Here you read more.

In the winter of 2010 some roads in the Netherlands were covered with a thick layer of compressed snow that has become icy. A company tried to melt the ice from the roads by using a gas turbine engine that blows hot air on the road. According to Practical Solution this concept is a waist of energy. He invented the waltz with welded on ice crushers. Here you can read more.

Practical Solution invented a new semi automatic seal for doors that had to resist 15 meters of water column on both sides. More you can read here.

Practical Solution also invented a water saving concept for the locks in the Panama Canel. This canal has a lack of sweet water making the functioning of the locks less reliable in futere times. At this moment a big civil engineering company is working out this idea.

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