Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

Name : Van Vliet
First name : Erik Leonard
Nickname : Erik
Adress : Rottekade 157
Zip code/Residence : 2661 JT Bergschenhoek
Phone : 00316 – 630264550

E-mail :

Technical Project leader

With more than 20 years of experience as engineer and product designer

Relevant education

Period Education Degree
1987 – 1994 Aerodynamics at (TU Delft)
Graduation: Design, Manufacturing and
Materials Yes
1984 – 1987 VWO B-package Yes
1979 – 1984 HAVO B-package, with German and Biology Yes


Basic course VCA, course engine basics, heat balance, torque rpm and power, vision


Windows XP, Word 6.0, Lotus 123, Excel, Medusa, auto-cad 12/14
Programming languages Basis and Pascal

Personal qualities

• Practical and creative
• Convincing
• Enthousiastic
• Stress resistant

Other information

Marital status : Living together
Nationality : Dutch
Social Security Number : 1353.14.082
Date of birth : 14 augustus 1967
Languages : English good, German good, French reasonable
Hobbies : model gliders, improving the house (do it yourself)
Sports : hockey, windsurfing, sailing, fishing, ice skating
Driver licence : B
Transportation : car and bike

Work experience

Own company
03/2010 – now Advisor in all technical matters (constructive and environment)
Optimization of steel structures and finding new concepts
Improving products and processes for companies

Furnace building
9/2009 – 03/2010 Designer
Optimizing furnaces used for heat treatment of stainless steel. Raising
speed of changing of supporting rolls. Improving the blow off system

Off Shore
4/2009 – 9/2009 Senior Engineer
Developing a propulsions system for ships based on the Whale Tail.
Improving of spreaders and winches, improve quality and insights of
draftsman. New concept invented for ship propulsion system

Facade systems and fire doors
11/2007 – 3/2009 Research and Development
Conceptual improvements on fire doors and facade systems.
Constructive calculations for example blast walls, detail engineering

6/2007 – 11/2007 Engineer at the department of services
Making calculations for hoisting tools, handling of product deviations, constructive improvements on cooling blades, design of a simple cheap transportation box for a rotor axis of 50 metric tons.

9/2005 – 4/2007 Developer in design of greenhouses
Constructive optimizing of the whole greenhouse for used materials and for the building process. Reduction of the used amount of aluminum, raising quality, advising greenhouse builders, technical inspector.

Roll forming
12/2002 – 12/2003 Commercial Technical Advisor
Making quotations for roll forming products for building industry,
Advising of clients.

8/2000 – 7/2002 Engineer/designer internal logistic systems
Drawing of internal logistic systems in greenhouses and improving these systems, controlling of production and building department

Dredging industry
6/1999 – 7/2000 Designer/calculator
Developing of a calculation tool to predict design parameters for suction tubes in the dredging industry. Redesign of turning piece and
improving flexibility in design and building of the suction tube

Diesel engines
9/1997 – 5/1999 Project manager
Making diesel engines client specific, redesign, ordering parts, organize redesign, flow of parts, torsional calculations, heat balance calculations, budget responsible, logistics improvements

HTS Utrecht
1998 Teacher Technical drawing and machining techniques
Teach business students about production techniques like drilling welding etc.

Skid builder for oil and gas cleaning
8/1996 – 10/1996 Assistant Project leader
Labeling and ordering of all necessary spare parts to be delivered with gas cleaning skids
Medical products
6/1996 – 7/1996 Mechanical/electrical engineer
Drawing and designing technical products within auto-CAD 12 for mobile operation rooms placed in containers. Heavy design criteria

Electronic firm
10/1995 – 6/1996 Project manager
Production of 100 train platform clocks for the Dutch railways

Other activities

12/2000 – now Improving own house, new front facade, new gutter new exhaust pipe for fire place, floating dock placed in stable manner, design of garden.
Leader of first field hockey team, trainer and coach of first senior team

1994 – now Tutoring children and adults with permanent good results

12/2000 – 4/2001 Supporting 93 year old neighbor so he could die at home

References in consultation

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