Working experiance

R&D working experiance in: construction of greenhouse, generators, killn building and Off Shore industry.           

  • Greenhouses: constructive improvements strengthened connections made it possible to reduce the weight of a reenhouse by 10% (here you read more).
  • Generators: design improvements on rotoraxis and molding products. This brought less fatigue problems (read more).
  • Killn construction: improvements on a blow off system and optimization of other construction elements. A blow off is necessary to blow cooling water off the strip. If the strip of stainless steel is still wet getting out of the killn, the scalebreaker does not function. A scalebreaker pulls very hard on the steel strip to unlosen (break off) the polluted top layer of the strip getting the nice and shiny toplayer customers want. We also do not want the cooling water to delute the pickling bath or change its concentration of chemicals. Due to a new design of the low off sytem, this system is 2,5 times cheaper as the old blow off system. More important is that customers can now produce at maximum production speeds. Untill now speed was reduced to 80% due to problems with the dryer. With small adjustments in design crackgrowth because of thermal stresses was deminished (see the pages killn construction).
  • Off Shore industry: Invented a new propulsion system for ships, found a new connection detail for connecting bastwalls to the decks of ships or oil platforms, invented a new seal for sliding doors that need to resist 15 meters of water column, solved several technical problems for customers, customers accept these propesitions, reduced adjustment times from 5 to 2 hours to adjust frameworks of sliding doors to meet gastightness requirements. Long adjustment times came from the way the framework was produced. More about this adjustment of framework can be read here. Work experiance as project manager in diesel engines for ships.
    Commercial experiance as Sales manager of steel rollformed profiles to be used in construction.

Due to this wide working experiance, my practial approach and my theoretical background and creativity i can very fast see possibilities or impossibilities. I can effectively gide you to the right cheap and effetive solution. 

For furter information you can look at my resume found on the page comapny profile and on all the solutions found on the pages haging under page examples and working experiance.

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