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Erik van Vliet works for his own firm Practical Solution as an independant technical design and  consultancy bureau in Infra structure, construction , and Off Shore industry. Practical Solution has a strong technical background in constructive engineering, a wide knowlegde in materials and production methods. We can help you optimising your products or production processes.

Practical Solution would like to help you as an advisor, concept thinker and creator of ideas. Due to its practical approach in combination with theoretical knowlegde, a helicopterview and eye for detail Practical Solution can also find possible savings and improvements. With this you can lower your operational costs, raise you client satifaction and prevent problems in the execution fase.

You can contact Practical Solution for clever easy to make steel or aluminum constructions. We can also help you when there are problems with strength calculations. Do you want to invent new concepts (also outside knowledge area of Practical Solution) you can contact Practical Solution. Practical Solution did already invent several products and processes that surpriced experts.

Due to its wide field of interest, knowledge and practical feeling Practical Solution finds solutions that exel in simplicity and practical feasibility. The solutions are oft so simple others overlook these workable solutions. Some examples you can find here. Practical Solution would like to solve your technical challanges at the time you are finding your own solution. After this you can lay both solutions next to each other and decide which solution is best. Also outside his field of knowledge simple solutions were found. 

Added value

  • 20 years of experiance as engineer, designer and product developper
  • A combination of theoretical study and practical approach makes it possible to deliver     simple effective solutions for your technical challanges.
  • Optimising your products in used materials, producebility, lifetime and price
  • Concept thinker with wide vision and surprising mentality
  •  Technical problem solver
  • Knowledge of materials machnery and processes 

 I can help you with:

  • Product- and process optimizations
  • Reducing stress concentrations in steel or aluminum structures in FEM calculations
  • Finding practical solutions others overlook (brainstorm sesions)
  • Solving technical or other problems with your customer (see page practical examples / solving client problems)……………………………
  • Solving practical problems and problems at executional fase. I can see a later arising problem just by looking at a technical drawing which can bring you huge savings
  • Finding or inventing new concepts for your tecnical challenges
  • Reducing the ammoun of energy needed in production processes.

Examples of above mentioned statements you can find on the pages workexperiance and on all the pages hanging under examples.

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