Problems with sun reflecting steel roof panels

A firm producing and installing steel roll formed roof panels got complaints from the neighbours about irritating reflections of sunlight. This firm had to overcome the complaints. They decide to remove all panels sandblast them and coat them again with a non reflecting coating. This was a very costly time consuming operation.

Practical Solution always finds simple and effective methods to overcome problems. I was thinking about using manure to make the roof panels less reflecting. This manure has to be placed on the roof when the weather is moist or spray some water over the manure. The agressive content will partly damage the coating causing it to reflect much less sunlight. I got this idea from a Zoo in Rotterdam. Some new buildings where also covered with steel roll formed panels. The mirrorring coating vanished very soon. This was due to manure in the air and due to a lot of car traffic.

When i contacted this firm about my solution they were very charmed of the idea and thought that my idea could work. They allready choose to sandpaper and recoat the panels otherwise they surely would try my option. It will not be the case that the neighbourhood has to smell the manure for weeks. Only two days on the roof it will allready effect the coating of the steel panels. Off course drainage has to bedisconnected temporary when cleaning the roof.

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