The floating submerged tunnel

When i read about the plans of the Italian government to connect Italy and Sicily with a bridge i invented the floating tunnel. A bridge should be very high due to lots of traffic of sea going ships. Also the needed wide span makesthis bridge expansive to built but also expensive to maintain. A better option is to make a floating submerged bridge. It is not possible to dig a trance and place concrete tunnel sections after each other. In that area some very thick gaps are under sea level. With concrete tunnelsection it is not possible to span these deep gaps (troughs)  in the seafloor. The big advantage of a floating submerged tunnel compared to a bridge is the lightly loaded construction. Under water a weight reduction takes place which lowers the loads to be carried by the tunnel. Also a flexibel submerged tunnel has much less problems with earthquakes which can happen in this area. Above all this floating tunnel can be built fast from both shores having no problems with wind or high seas.

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