innovative concepts out of its field of knowledge

Because of my broad vision I like and can think of solutions to technical problems that lie outside my field.

Within the Off shore I’ve been busy producing a prototype of propulsion for ships. This  prototype based on rigid airfoils has been developed by the Director. During my work I invented a flexible propulsion concept. In order to evaluate the different concepts we visited Marin in Wageningen.

The project manager propulsion systems, who has seen all new propulsion concepts over the last 20 years, was very interested in this flexible propulsion system. He at once indicated that this flexible concept could have a 36% higher efficiency compared to rigid propulsion systems. Apparently I have some guts or feelings that point me to strong and effective solutions. Due to a non-disclosure you will not see drawings of this concept.

For several years back I thought of a solution for unstable embankments/dikes. In 1996 the water levels in rivers in the Netherlands were extremely high. People were afraid that the dikes would be very heavy due to saturation and therefore could collapse. In that year Practical Solution thought of a solution to overcome this instability. Here you can read more. Some time ago I read an article that was publiced on May 5, 2011 in Cobouw about this issue. It is written in Dutch.

I also have invented a concept for a floating transportation tunnel. Due to the fact it floats in the water (not on the surface) all the weight of the traffic will only give a slightly loaded structure compared to an expensive heavy loaded bridge. Here you can read more.

I also tried to find a solution for odor and sound production of highways and other transportation like trains. Practical Solution invented the inflatable tunnel. This construction is lightweight and therefore can be used to reduce sound production of the high speed train placed on concrete piles. This concrete construction has no strength to carry the weight of a traditional soundwall. To make this inflatable tunnel form stable the tunnel is made out of connected compartments. This can be seen in the drawing.

Part of this high speed train track is executed as an under groundlevel placed concrete box. Because the concrete walls reflect the sound, the present sound barriers are not working. By using a non reflecting wall construction these wall reflections can be overcome. A concept drawing is shown here.

When the oil spill in the summer of 2010 was happeningn in the Gulf of Mexico, I tried to find a solution to overcome the oil spill due to the non functioning BOP (valve). Here you can read more.

I also tried to find a solution to reduce drilling sounds when companies are striking in the supporting structure for a windturbine at sea. Due to this drilling marinelifeis disrupted. I did a small concept study. Some options you see here.

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