Solving customer problems

Due to its other appoach Practical Solution has solved a lot of problems for customers. Also hugh savings have been made possible. Some examples you can read underneath;

  • An important customer still asks for a finite element calculation for a big bulkhead. This calculation would cost our firm more than 60.000 euro. You can read more here
  • An Off Shore customer is looking for a solution to protect a volnurable tube to place at the seabed with a vertical pipelaying vessel. The steel pipe is isolated with an easy to damage top surface. Client already thought of a solution but excepted the solution Practical Solution thought of.
  • Due to Off Shore regulations a customer wants all his walls of a platform to be isolated for fire on both sides. This was necessary for constructional safety reasons. With a safety reasoning Practical Solution was able to convince this customer from not isolating all walls on both sides at same safetylevel. Here you can read more.

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