Solution fo cyanobacteria

During summertime lots of the outside swimming waters suffer of a dangerous cyanobacteria. Due to the fact i like to swim in outside waters i tried to find a solution for this problem. I do not know much about bacteria becauseĀ i only had biology at middle school for several years.

My solution is based on an under water pump with a short piping attached to it. I was thinking of a waterflow so these bacteria will be at the warm surface and later will be in deeper and colder water. I did not know this would be the solution. It was my assumption that these bacteria do not like temperature changes. First we look at the prevailing winddirection during summer time. Then the problem is biggest. We place the piping in such a direction that the wind (creating a waterflow on the surface of the water) will helpĀ the pump to get a circular waterflow. The pump is placed in a deep point in the lake. This pump in combination with the wind (we use te wind to help getting the water in a circulation) will make it possible to direct surface water to a depth. So the water moves form the surface to deep parts of the lake. This means that the bacteria have to meet an ever changing water temperature.

When i talked with experts about my solution they told me they were allready going to test this idea in a lake.

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