Extra heat out of the exhaust pipe of a wood stove

Fire Standards require a double walled outlet-pipe with a closed fire retardant cover around it for first and higher floors. Due to the cover a fire in the exhaust pipe or inside the cover will not spread through the house quickly due to the fire retardant cover. The exhausted air in the double walled steel exhaust pipe contains a lot of heat. This heat is normally going straight out of the chimney. Practical Solution wanted to use this heat effectively and invented a fail safe closing system so holes can be made in the cover.

This can be done by hanging steel plates above the holes in the cover. Guides ensure that if the steel plates fal down, they will close the holes. A simple thin nylon rope keeps the steel plates in high postion. When a fire occurs the wire will melt and gravity will pull down the two steel plates. So the not allowed holes are closed automatically.

An explanation and drawing of this concept can be found here.

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