Solving stress concentrations in steel structures

By milling a groove in the rotor shaft of a generator stress problems near the thickness jump in the shaft diameter can be reduced. Now you can prevent fatigue problems. The rotor shaft of a 2-pole generator is in fact heavy and rotates at 25 revolutions per second. Bending stresses varie quickly making fatigue a problem.

With a right design high tensions can spread over a wider area. This lowers the maximum stress in the construction. An example can be found here.

By reducing the thickness of a steel plate being part of a substructure Practical Solution was able to reduce the peak stresses with 40%. Usually when high stresses occur in a substructure plate thickness and welds are raised to overcome these high stresses. You can read more on the second link of this page working experiance / killn construction. By using a simple mechanics formula Practical solution was also able to find this optimum reduced thickenss of the plate within 5 minutes. This saved again a few days drawing time in SolidWorks.

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