Client still wants an expensive EEM explosion calculation to be done

A big client producing destroyers was after one year still eager to recieve a explosion calculation of a big bulkhead of a ship. TNO in Delft made a computer simulating model of a small bulkhead. In this bulkhead a sliding door was placed. TNO also did a real explosion test on a small bulkhead to validate its computer model. The clients did still want to recieve a calculation for a big bulkhead to be sure this bulkhead would also be able to resist this explosion the small bulkhead could.

My predecessor did already send 50 pages of strength calculations. A new calculation can easy cost 60.000 euro’s. The client was still not happy or convinced. When i was asked to try to solve this problem i send a philosophical story about energy absorption. A big bulkhead can deformate much more before it ruptures compared to a smaller bulkhead. This convinced the client for not recieving this expnesive calculation.

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